Snow Board Championship was produced by Gaelco in 1996. Snowboard Championship is a 2D arcade snowboarding game on courses with gameplay similar to Zigurat's World Rally games. Using a side-scrolling bird's-eye view the snowboarder moves forward automatically and the player has to react quickly to turns and obstacles as signaled by arrows. There are three riders to choose from, representing Europe, Japan and USA, and several courses player either in the Beginner of the Championship mode. Most of the focus is used on the steering, but a single button is used to run and get extra speed after slowing down, for instance after bumping into a board. The racing is always done alone, but each course consists of a qualifying run followed by a real race. To qualify, the course needs to be finished not exceeding the time limit. After completing a course it is possible to do the same course again or to move on to the next course. Next to regular races there are slower slalom races with smaller paths and more focus on steering. Some courses have optional elements such as loopings or jumps that provide bonus points. The game supports two player racing each other taking turns for the best time.