What if… you can bring back the nostalgic arcade experiences and marry it with today’s modern technology gaming?

The Most Intense, Most Immersive Home Gaming Experience EVER, where you can bring both retro and modern arcade gaming experiences in one machine and play together with others from all over the world.

iiRcade brings the
Next Generation Arcade Gaming To Your Home.

iiRcade is a next generation arcade gaming console that provides immersive and adrenaline pumping arcade gaming experiences never-before-seen. Equipped with crisp 19” HD display, 100W of powerful stereo sound, premium arcade controllers in a premium arcade cabinet, iiRcade creates the most incredible arcade gaming you will have ever experienced!

Powerful Immersive
Cinematic Arcade Gaming Experience

When you enter the world of iiRcade, your world is different. With 100W of powerful sound, gorgeous 19” HD display and premium arcade controls, you will realize that you are inside another world as a valiant knight and you are the one who is slaying the dragons and saving the princesses. Before you even notice, the time has flown by and it’s already 3am. iiRcade provides such an amazing immersive arcade gaming experience that it feels like you are inside the game.

Come in and play. Experience the games the iiRcade way!

Play Your Favorite
Modern and Retro Games on Arcade!

iiRcade brings both the retro and the modern arcade from today in one single device. Imagine – playing your favorite retro arcade games like Dragon’s Lair, Double dragon and Super Burger Time along with today’s amazing modern games like Retromania Wrestling, Dead Cells, Oddmar and Toejam and Earl the ‘arcade style’, right from one machine!

iiRcade is equipped with powerful hardware and software that are completely customized and optimized to do only one thing and one thing at the best experience ever, which is playing games. Therefore, the result is, no matter which game you play on it, whether it would be nostalgic retro arcade games that you love or today’s award-winning modern games transformed into amazing arcade games, iiRcade will provide the best gaming experience that is never-before-seen.

Games Play
Better on iiRcade!

Why play the games illegally while worrying about viruses, compatibility, slowdowns, settings, wasting time on downloading and tweaking and more? On iiRcade, all games are fully optimized so that you can enjoy the games, worry-free. Simply, press a button to play.

All games on iiRcade are legally and officially licensed by the game publishers, which means not only are you supporting your favorite game publishers when you purchase a game from iiRcade online store, but you are also getting the best version of the game that has gone through extensive quality assurance process and are approved for release by the game publishers.

When these quality approved games are played on iiRcade, the games become even more powerful, even more immersive, even more cinematic, even more fun. When something explodes in your game, you will feel the explosion. When zombies are coming after you, you will feel like they are really coming after you.

Why play games at mediocre experiences? When you play the same games on iiRcade, these games become much more powerful. Play them the right way. Play them the iiRcade way.

11 Classic titles included with the ability to load hundreds more from the iiRcade game store.

iiRcade brings both the retro and the modern arcade from today in one single device. Imagine – playing your favorite retro arcade games like Dragon’s Lair, Double dragon and Super Burger Time along with today’s amazing modern games like Retromania Wrestling, Dead Cells, Oddmar and Toejam and Earl the ‘arcade style’, right from one machine!

Have the Entire Arcade in a Single Machine!

Finally, you do not have to buy a new cabinet to get a new game! On iiRcade, simply click a button to purchase and download new games that you want from iiRcade online store at affordable prices. Choose from hundreds of titles and the list is continuously growing!

iiRcade has games for everyone in your family. Please check out the list of games in the Games section of our homepage.

Bring The Family Together!

“My 19 year old put down her phone and said “Dad, let’s play”. That’s what the ’iiR’ part is all about. Right?” – Jerry, iiRcade owner

iiRcade is bringing families together. Kids are putting down their phones and coming to play games with their parents on iiRcade. Husbands and wives are spending quality time together playing games on iiRcade. Families are gathering to spend quality family time together after dinner on iiRcade.

iiRcade has games for everyone in the family. Games for dads. Games for moms. Games for the kids. Games to play together with the entire family.

That’s what iiRcade is all about. iiRcade brings people together.

Play with Others from All Over the World!

Do you like to play games with others? How about multiplayer party gaming, right from your home? iiRcade is online enabled and supports WiFi-connected online gaming and LAN-connected local multiplayer party gaming for games that support the capabilities.

In addition, global leaderboards are enabled on iiRcade, so that you can compete to become the best in the world. If you are listed as number one in the global leaderboard, you are the best player of the game in the iiRcade world!

Easy to Use! Finally, ANYONE can play!

iiRcade is designed to be easy to use for anyone in your home, from your kids to your parents. Simply, turn on the device, select a game and play! iiRcade’s menu system is very intuitive and easy to use, and games are arranged by genre so you can find the game that you want to play quickly and easily in less than 30 seconds from power up!

Fits anywhere in your home!

iiRcade is designed to fit anywhere in your home. All you have to do is plug it in. With a gorgeous design that fits in your house, iiRcade will elevate the luxury-ness of your home to the next level. You will be proud to own an iiRcade at your home.

Convertible design!

You can use your iiRcade as a bartop or a full standup cabinet when placed on an optional stand. iiRcade is designed to fit anywhere in your home and the convertible design takes this to the next level. You can configure your iiRcade as a bartop for small rooms and dorms or as a full standup cabinet for your family rooms. With iiRcade, possibilities are endless!

Parental Control

You can control which games should be locked for your children by iiRcade’s patent-pending parental control system, so that you can have “your” games in your iiRcade, safely and away from your children!

Premium Device You Will Be Proud To Own.

When you first meet your iiRcade, you will be mesmerized by the luxuriousness of the device, the beautiful artwork, the marble-shiny finish, the contemporary design with retro feel, the solid feel of the cabinet that screams premium quality.

iiRcade is made by the people who manufacture professional arcade cabinets that are priced at tens of thousands of dollars, and are manufactured the same way. No wonder iiRcade has amazing quality that are not seen in today’s home arcade gaming market.

Luxury that you can afford

Even though iiRcade is build at the same quality level as the professional arcade machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars, iiRcade is priced at the price that you can afford. This is done by utilizing mass production to reduce the cost of manufacturing, not by sacrificing the premium-ness and quality, so that you can bring the premium experience home at an affordable price.

Build Your Precious Memories with iiRcade!

The precious moments of today may never come back. Build memories together with your family on iiRcade! iiRcade enables fun for the entire family with games available for everyone and is easy-to-use by anyone. Play together as a team or compete against each other and see who ends up at the top! iiRcade enables fun for the entire family. One day, you will be able to look back and remember all the fun and the priceless moments that you spent together with your loved ones on iiRcade!

Four cabinets to choose from

iiRcade provides various styles of cabinets that meets your needs. Choose your favorite!