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Gunther "NOQUARTER" Vinson has been an avid gamer his entire life. Developing gamer clans for COD and Starcraft in the early 2000s, Gunther developed a taste for online competition. It wasn't until the rise of the home arcade industry that Gunther saw a way to support the games he grew up with, while enjoying them with friends online. As an original iiRcade backer, Gunther knew the iiRcade project was exactly what the gaming community was waiting for. Shortly after the iiRcade was released, iiRcade Leagues was born, and has now evolved into the online competition show, The iiRcade ZONE. 

Dominic “King Creole" Page is no stranger to the gaming industry. Arcade gaming was the way of life for him growing up competing in competitions at his local arcade in the mid to late 90s. In 2015 he started a retro gaming stream where he streamed gameplay for various retro gaming consoles. KC has a passion for arcades so much that he turned a back room of his house into his very own Barcade. KC is an original iiRcade kickstarter backer and active iiRcade community member.

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