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Backed by major gaming studios to indie developers, our collection of games is expanding fast.

What’s great about iiRcade is that the games that you can play will not end with these launch titles. In fact, this is only the beginning. If your favorite games are there on day one, great! If we are missing some games from your favorites list, don’t worry, because it’s just a matter of time before you will see it on the iiRcade’s game library. We are continuously working with the leading game companies to bring you the games you love - it’s only a matter of time before your missing favorite comes to iiRcade!

This list will be continuously growing as we continue to license more games. Games Will start at $2.99 and range up to $14.99 on average on the iiRcade Store.



Games Available Instantly - Just Download and Play

One device that does it all. It’s no longer about “having to buy a new machine to get a new game”. On iiRcade application, simply click on a game that you want to get and iiRcade will take care of the rest, from transactions to download and install. By the time you come home, the game will already be installed and ready to play, right on your iiRcade system.

Grab a Piece of the ACTION

Blast Those Baddies

Classic Platform Fun

Fasten Your Seatbelts

The Greatest Sports Games

Adventure is Waiting

Puzzle Games

Ready to Rumble?

11 Preloaded Games That Comes Standard With Every iiRcade

Dragon's Lair

Double Dragon

Beach Buggy Racing

Bomb Squad

Thunder Hoop

Maniac Square


Twin Brats

Power Balls

Fancy World:
Earth of Crisis

Snowboard Championship


Action, Adventure, Arcade, FPS, Racing, Sports, or puzzles?
We got you covered.


Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron : Extended Edition
Desert War / Wangan Sensou
Dragon Blaze
Earth Defense Force
Fire Shark / Same! Same! Same!
Galaxy Gunners
Gratia - Second Earth
Grind Stormer / V.V
Gunbird 2

Out Zone
P-47 Aces
P-47 The Phantom Fighter
Pilot Kids
Plus Alpha
Saint Dragon
Samurai Aces
Sky Fox
Sky Shark / Flying Shark / Hishozame
Slap Fight / Alcon
Sol Divide - The Sword of Darkness
Space Bomber
Strikers 1945
Strikers 1945 II

Strikers 1945 III
Strikers 1945 Plus
Tengai - Sengoku Blade
The Game Paradise - Master of Shooting!
Tiger Heli
Truxton / Tatsujin
Truxton II
Twin Cobra / Kyuukyoku Tiger
Twin Hawk / Daisenpuu
Wild Pilot
Zero Gunner
Zero Gunner 2
Zero Wing
Acrobatic Dog-Fight: Arcade 1984


Age of Heroes: Silkroad 2
Big Karnak
Break Thru
Dark Seal
Demon's World / Horror Story
Formation Z
Groundskeeper 2
Guardian / Get Star
Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 3: Rogue Tactics
Midnight Resistance
Mouse Bot
Psycho-Nics Oscar
Rakoo's Adventure
Secret Agent (sly spy)
Shingen Samurai-Fighter
Snake core
Steel Force
The Astyanax
The Cliffhanger
The Legend of Silk Road
Thunder Hoop
Thunder Hoop Strikes Back
Thunder Zone


Avenging Spirit
City Connection
Fancy World
INC: The beginning
Legend of Makai
Magic Purple
Mechanic Escape
Meganoid (2017)
Meganoid 2: Grandpa’s chronicles
Ninja Kazan
Psychic 5
Snow Bros. : Nick & Tom
Snow Bros. 2 : With New Elves
Stardash – Remastered
Super BurgerTime
Wardner (no Mori) / Pyros
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
Minky Monkey: Arcade 1982
Bogey Manor: Arcade 1985
Solar Warrior: Arcade 1986


Burglar X
Butasan / Mr. Pig, Pig and Bombers
Diver Boy
Enma Daioh
Lock’n ‘Chase
Lucky Boom
Naughty Boy
Pang Adventures
Peter Pepper's Ice Cream
Pipi & Bibi's / Whoopee!!
Pop Flamer
Power Balls
Twin Brats
Eggs (Japanese: Scrambled Egg): Arcade 1983
Dommy: Arcade 1983
Mysterious Stones: Arcade 1984
Shadow Force: Arcade 1993


Aporkalypse Pigs of Doom
Magical Drop
Magical Drop 2
Magical Drop 3
Mahjong Sisters
Maniac Square
Save the Puppies
Super Bubble Pop
Taisen Hot Grmmick
Teki Paki
Zeroize: Arcade 1983
Block Out: Arcade 1989


Battle K-road
Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels
Dragon Master
Fighter’s History
Karnov’s Revenge / Fighter's History Dynamite
Master's Fury
Mighty Warriors
Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty / Suiko Enbu
Battle Lane Vol. 5: Arcade 1986


Beach Buggy Racing
Cisco Heat
Jaleco Rally Big Run : The Supreme Challenge
Rally Bike / Dash Yarou
Riptide GP: Renegade
World Rally 2: Twin Racing
World Rally: Championship

Beat'em Up

64th Street - A Detective Story
Double Dragon
Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
Knuckle Bash
Mug Smashers
Night Slashers
China Gate: Arcade 1988
The Combatribes: Arcade 1990


Another World
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp
Evoland 2
Heroes of Loot
Heroes of Loot 2
Space Ace
Space Grunts
Space Grunts 2
White Night
Ys Chronicles I
Ys Chronicles II
Neko Ghost, Jump!


Best Bout Boxing
Big Striker
Heavy Smash
Hoops 96
Snowboard Championship
Street Hoops
Touch And Go
World Beach Volley
Mat Mania
Tag Team Wrestling: The Big Pro Wrestling!
VS Mania Challenge
U.S. Championship V'Ball: Arcade 1989


Dead Effect 2

Sega Titles

Shadow Dancer

Space Harrier

Cyber Police ESWAT

Congo Bongo

Alien Storm

Crack Down

Bonanza Bros.


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