SEGA Partnership Announced

SEGA Games coming to iiRcade

Raised over $650,000 on Kickstarter

iiRcade now plays streaming games and local games


That’s right! With iiRcade, you can expand your arcade game collection without ever needing to buy a new cabinet.

Using the iiRcade app store, you simply purchase a new game on your phone. iiRcade will automatically download and install your new game on your iiRcade game machine, without you having to do anything else. When you get home, your new game will be ready for you to start playing!

It’s convenient, affordable and easy!

We will have over 200 officially licensed games signed up targeting our launch day list. An awesome selection of nostalgic retro arcade titles including the Dragon’s Lair series, Space Ace, Double Dragon 1 2 3, Snow Bros series, R-Type, Wonder Boy : A Dragon’s Trap (Remake and Original), Gunbird series, Ys Chronicles 1, 2…

Games Available Instantly
Just Download and Play

Most importantly, this is only the beginning. iiRcade’s game library will continue to grow after launch. You will have an almost endless number of games, in all genres, ready to play on your iiRcade.

One device that does it all. It's no longer about "having to buy a new machine to get a new game". On iiRcade application, simply click on a game that you want to get and iiRcade will take care of the rest, from transactions to download and install. By the time you come home, the game will already be installed and ready to play, right on your iiRcade system.


Two Player Game Controls for Twice the Fun

The iiRcade console supports 1 player gaming, 2 player gaming and even 1 player using 2 joysticks while gaming. Get competitive and stay comfortable with the ample arm room for both players.

See What the Media is Saying About iiRcade

“it's the first standup arcade game with a built-in online game store platform for downloading a library of new and classic titles. iiRcade demonstrates one of the ways that cloud gaming can be tweaked for multiple gaming mediums.”
- Cnet
“I got a chance to play with an iiRcade machine at the startup's CES 2020 booth and came away impressed with the build quality of the machine itself. The dual arcade sticks felt really good and the buttons had a very satisfying clicky feel that's been absent from many build-at-home arcade kits I've tried.”
- Tom’s Hardware
“It’s great, I’m very impressed with it, I played the games and the speakers sound phenomenal. I was very blown away by that; it was almost a home theater experience.”
- Cool Toy

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