How many GB of space is there on the iiRcade?

A: There are 64GB and 128GB options for storage

Does this new version have the ability to allow two players at a time?

A: Yes, with the included two player set up, our device allows for premium head to head combat in person

Is there enough storage on the machine for all 300 games? if not is the storage expandable?

A: The storage capacity on iiRcade accommodates the currently available games, but as iiRcade’s list of games will continue to grow, depending on which games you are looking for, your device may or may not run out of space. In this case, you will be able to delete the games that you no longer play and re-download at a later time for free when you want the game back on your device. iiRcade OS will allow you to easily manage your games.

How much will the stand be?

A: MSRP will be $599 for the bartop and $149 for the stand. In order to provide iiRcade to our fans at the lowest price possible, we have decided to hold a Kickstarter, where we would be able to provide the products at an early bird price starting at $299 for the bartop. The stand price for Kickstarter will be announced soon.

Will it have the power to play new games?

A: Yes, iiRcade is capable of playing your favorite retro games as well as modern games. New games will be added to iiRcade app store frequently and will consist of both retro and modern titles.

What will be the height of the machine once you add the stand to it?

A: It will be 61" and also adjustable using the feet on the stand, especially to make the device level to the ground so that it won't wobble.

How will we download new games?

A: You will be able to download new games from our app store on your phone. When you do one easy click to purchase your favorite game, the game will be automatically downloaded and installed onto your device so that by the time you are ready to play, it will be all ready to go.

Is there a safety mechanism to keep the tabletop from separating from the base in case kids are playing?

A: Absolutely, in fact, we have put a lot of attention into providing safety on the device. First, the device is engineered to be bottom-heavy so that the device would not separate from the base. Additionally, we also have built in the mechanism for easy-to-use hand screws that you can use to tighten and fully secure the mount of the bartop onto the stand.

Will the iiRcade come with any games preloaded?

A: Absolutely. 11 or 12 games depending on the cabinet, plus more free games are available in the online store.

Do we have to assemble the product ourselves?

A: Yes and the assembly will be easy. The assembly can be done with only a screwdriver in about 30 minutes or less.

What is the screen size?

A: The screen size on the iiRcade is 19" inches.

Are there any updates that will need to run in the future?

A:Yes, software updates will come periodically with enhancements and new features.

Is the Base included with the Bartop as a package or will they be sold as separate pieces?

A: The base will be sold separately. However there is an option to get both the bartop and stand in a packaged deal.

Will online gameplay be available?

A: Yes

How much will games be to purchase separately?

A: The price will be different for each game. Our goal is to make them affordable so that you can experience a lot of great games on iiRcade without breaking the bank.

Can I play my own games on the iiRcade?

A: No, the iiRcade does not allow for any modding of unauthorized games not from our store. Unfortunately, if done this voids warranty. If you are a developer of a game and would like to see it on the iiRcade you can contact us here:

I am having difficulties with my unit

A: We are so sorry to hear you are having an issue with your unit, please contact us at