Dragon's Lair is now available on iiRcade

Play as the daring adventurer, Dirk. Fight your way through the twisted castle and save the princess Daphne from the clutches of an evil wizard. Are you brave enough to take on the gold hoarding dragon Singe?

The only Arcade console you can play Dragon's Lair on is iiRcade

We are excited to present our custom Dragon's Lair cabinet now featured on iiRcade. Experience Dragon's Lair on our two 8-way premium official Sanwa joysticks and 19 Premium Sanwa-style buttons. iiRcade is the only modern arcade system that can play retro + modern titles.

Play Dragon's Lair in 100 Watt Stereo Sound

Yes, it's true. Play and stream all of your favorite music directly from any bluetooth enabled device. With Jukebox mode enabled turn your 100 Watt speaker system into a house party! Simply pair via bluetooth and let the system do the rest. Enjoy beautiful visualizations and custom controls as you rock out to the ages.


Powerful & Immersive Gaming Experience

When you enter the world of iiRcade, your world is different. With 100W of powerful sound, gorgeous 19” HD display and premium arcade controls, you will realize that you are inside another world as a valiant knight and you are the one who is slaying the dragons and saving the princesses. Before you even notice, the time has flown by and it’s already 3am. iiRcade provides such an amazing immersive arcade gaming experience that it feels like you are inside the game. Come in and play. Experience the games the iiRcade way!

Special Pricing

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Arcade Console for the 21st Century

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Dude!!! I love this thing!!! Bought it for my kids... but I can't stop playing it!!! I feel like a kid again!!! So much fun & the authentic arcade feel!!! Love the games, the design, the graphics and stand - the whole thing makes me nostalgic!!! Oh and my kids love it too!!! Woohooo!!! Thank you!!!



My wife got me an early Father’s Day gift and I am still shocked - what a cool idea! This game system has the feel of the old school video games I grew up playing, but it runs on modern technology. You basically connect the machine to WiFi, scan a QR code with your phone, create an account, and then download whatever games you want directly onto it (and it gives you 11 free)...

- Billy J


The stand is very sturdy. The art work is very good quality and well defined. The anti-slip leg leveller is good addition and keep the unit stable. The stand is the perfect high for the barter to give you a comfortable play experience. I highly recommend this product.

- Mario


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