Players race in different levels, grouped as cups unlocked gradually and with 12 environments in total. Coins can be collected along the way to buy new cars. The vehicles can be upgraded with coins to improve acceleration, top speed, handling and strength. Eventually four engine classes become available: 100, 250, 500 and 1000 HP. The color of vehicles can be customized as well. Next to the main championship mode there are single races as well.

While racing circa 30 types of power-ups can be picked up and used. Power-ups include nitro, a shield, firing rockets, a homing skull, a power-up that alters the gravity for the other racers, dropping oil etc. A grease monkey can be used to boost the car's performance. Up to three stars can be earned based on the performance during races to progress through the levels. There are six game modes such as circuit racing, time trials, elimination etc. In the stampede game mode all power-ups become 'angry bull' allowing the character to plough through the competition, collecting kills. Each character has a unique skill such as a trail of flowers, teleportation, flaming fire tracks, and confusion spells. By beating boss characters they are added to the team roster and become playable characters. Every now and then there is a bonus coconut game and a large spinning wheel with rewards. There are daily challenges and daily rewards.