• iiRcade Launched on Kickstarter

    iiRcade Launched on Kickstarter

    This week iiRcade launched their new premium connected home arcade cabinet/platform that allows gamers, for the first time on a home arcade system, to add new, officially licensed, retro and modern games to their library. Now available on Kickstarter, iiRcade comes pre-loaded with ten games, including Dragon’s Lair and Double Dragon, and a growing list of over 170+ licensed games available in the game store. Featuring a 19-inch display,...
  • Awesome iiRcade arcade cabinet from $349

    Awesome iiRcade arcade cabinet from $349

    If you have been considering tilting or purchasing a home bartop or full size arcade machine, you may be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign launch this week for iiRcade. Offering a full size arcade machine from just $399 or bartop version from $299. Worldwide delivery is expected to take place during October 2020.
  • iiRcade announces strategic partnership with SEGA.

    iiRcade announces strategic partnership with SEGA.

    iiRcade, Inc. the ultimate connected arcade machine that allows gamers of all ages to own and play their favorite retro and modern arcade games at home that’s currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with SEGA.
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