USA TODAY: Retro gaming is making its return

by Scott Ledingham on May 25, 2021

USA TODAY:  Retro gaming is making its return

iiRcade was featured in a USA Today article by Marc Saltzman on Retro Gaming, read the full article here.


One of the newest players, iiRcade ($499) is a more comprehensive system that lets you download new games to it, if desired, whether its retro titles or more modern games. Eleven games are preloaded, however – including the laser disc classic, Dragon’s Lair, and the beat ‘em up classic Double Dragon – and additional games can be purchased for between $2.99 and $24.99.

There are more than 200 games available, to date, with titles like Burger Time and other licensed Data East games announced last week. The iiRcade Store can be accessed on phones, tablets, or PC or Mac via browser.

Powered by a 19-inch HD display, 100 watts of stereo sound, and authentic 2-player controllers, the Wi-Fi-enabled iiRcade offers a convertible design: it can be used tabletop or bartop and becomes a full-sized stand-up cabinet with the purchase of an optional stand ($149). (There are some special editions that include the stand, too, including Father’s Day specials.)