OPERATION WOLF with Light Gun Compatibility Launching April 21st for iiRcade

by Scott Ledingham on Apr 19, 2023

OPERATION WOLF with Light Gun Compatibility Launching April 21st for iiRcade

iiRcade Inc., a premium home arcade console that allows gamers of all ages to play their favorite retro and modern games in a true arcade style, is pleased to announce that OPERATION WOLF, officially licensed by TAITO, is launching in the iiRcade Game Store this Friday, April 21 for $12.99.

With its Light Gun Compatibility, OPERATION WOLF will be the first game to work with a Light Gun accessory for those with Gold Edition cabinets. OPERATION WOLF can also be played by all iiRcade users (Gold Edition or Standard Edition) using the joystick and buttons.

“We’re very pleased to announce that light gun games can now be played on iiRcade Gold Edition cabinets,” said Jong Shin, founder & CEO of iiRcade. “We’re excited to also announce that our first light gun game is the iconic OPERATION WOLF arcade classic that’ll be available this Friday with more games to come.”

OPERATION WOLF is a military-themed first-person light gun shooter that was released in arcades in 1987. Upon release in arcades, the game received wide acclaim from critics, particularly for its gameplay, graphics, and controls.

Assuming the role of Special Forces Operative Roy Adams, the player attempts to rescue five hostages who are being held captive in enemy territory. The game is viewed from a first-person perspective with the screen scrolling horizontally through the landscape and is divided into six stages, each of which advances the story when completed.

Each iiRcade comes with 11 pre-loaded games: Dragon’s Lair, Double Dragon, Gunbird, Beach Buggy Racing, BombSquad (online multiplayer party game), Snowboard Championship, Diver Boy, Dragon Master, Maniac Square, Twin Brats and Fancy World, with more games downloadable, including free games, on the iiRcade store (

All games are officially licensed and available at affordable prices, and new titles are continuously added to the growing iiRcade store library. The full list of currently available games can be found here.

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