JukeBox Mode Beta Now Available on iiRcade, Turning the Arcade into a Wireless Home Music Player

by Scott Ledingham on Aug 17, 2021

JukeBox Mode Beta Now Available on iiRcade, Turning the Arcade into a Wireless Home Music Player

Each iiRcade can now be turned into a 100-Watt Wireless JukeBox

Chicago - iiRcade Inc., a premium home arcade cabinet that allows gamers of all ages to play their favorite retro and modern games in arcade style at home, today launched a beta version of JukeBox mode.

JukeBox mode allows users to turn their iiRcade into a wireless home music player and play their favorite music from their phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth. JukeBox mode beta is now available as a free download in the iiRcade Game Store. 

Users can customize their audio settings manually in JukeBox mode, or select one of the seven pre-sets: classic, base, latin, rock, electronic pop and acoustic.

Three skins are also currently available in the beta version of JukeBox mode: silver, purple and black with firework, underwater and space tube screen savers available as well as a dark mode, where the display is turned off.

“There’s been a lot of anticipation for our JukeBox mode from the iiRcade community and we’re excited for them to enjoy our beta version,” said Jong Shin, founder & CEO of iiRcade. “We’re going to be adding more awesome features into it and there’s no doubt that music sounds fantastic on our powerful 100-watt stereo speakers.”

iiRcade is a home console in an arcade format, and just as you would on a traditional home console, officially licensed modern and retro games can be purchased and added through the iiRcade Game Store with new titles continuously being added each week.

iiRcade features a 19-inch display, 100-watts of powerful stereo audio, authentic arcade controllers and a premium wood cabinet.

iiRcade is available in seven versions and currently is $100 off with free shipping (up to $100) and one year best-in-class warranty as part of a Back to School Sale, which ends on September 6, 2021 (or while supplies last). iiRcade Classic Edition, Space Ace Edition and Beach Buggy Racing 2 : Island Adventure Edition come with 64-GB storage memory and iiRcade’s premium classic joysticks, while four special editions include upgraded 128-GB storage memory and original Sanwa joysticks.  The special editions include Mutant Football League Edition, RetroMania Wrestling Edition, Dragon’s Lair Edition and Black Edition, which enables users to design their own cabinet graphics and comes with officially licensed Double Dragon artwork that can be put onto the cabinet as a free gift.

Every iiRcade home arcade cabinet comes pre-loaded with 11 games and the ability to add hundreds more.

A full list of games currently available and targeted for release on iiRcade Store can be found here.

For more information and to order iiRcade, visit

About iiRcade
iiRcade is a premium arcade gaming experience like no other. Play retro arcade games that you remember to the latest modern games in amazing arcade style. With cinematic gaming experiences powered by 19” high-density display, 100W of powerful stereo sound, premium 2-player arcade controllers and device optimized for the best arcade gaming experiences, iiRcade delivers arcade gaming that is so immersive, you will feel like you are inside the game.