iiRcade named "Best Arcade Machine" by IGN

by Scott Ledingham on Sep 16, 2021

iiRcade named "Best Arcade Machine" by IGN

IGN's top arcade cabinet picks, full list can be found here:

1. iiRcade 

Best Arcade Machine

A lot of arcade machines come preloaded with a ton of games, and then that’s that. With the iiRcade, you’ll get started with a handful of games, but the cabinet comes with 64GB of built-in storage and is ready for you to load up with the games you want on it. iiRcade’s app will let you select games from its store and they’ll automatically download and install onto the arcade. iiRcade’s library is already loaded with titles, including classics like Dragon’s Lair and Double Dragon as well as some newer hits like Dead Cells. There are over 200 licensed games in the library so far, and more are added weekly.

The iiRcade cabinet features a 19-inch LCD display with a 1,280 x 1,024 resolution and packs stereo speakers that can pump out those classic chiptunes at 100W. You’ll be well kitted out for solo or duo play with the pair of 8-way joysticks and 19 buttons. The cabinet comes with some modern touches as well, like the Wi-Fi connectivity for getting games, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio, and HDMI output if you ever feel like switching over to your TV.