iiRcade Launched on Kickstarter

We have only been dreaming about owning an arcade machine in our home…

But now everyone has the opportunity!

This week iiRcade launched their new premium connected home arcade cabinet/platform that allows gamers, for the first time on a home arcade system, to add new, officially licensed, retro and modern games to their library.

Now available on Kickstarter, iiRcade comes pre-loaded with ten games, including Dragon’s Lair and Double Dragon, and a growing list of over 170+ licensed games available in the game store. Featuring a 19-inch display, 100-watts of powerful stereo audio, premium arcade controllers and high quality wood cabinet for a full authentic arcade experience! (full available at the link). Check it out by clicking here!

Check out iiRcade HERE!

What is iiRcade?

A machine that brings the most intense arcade experiences directly into your home – complete with an ever-expanding library of retro arcade classics and modern blockbusters.

Feel like you’re inside the game, with 19” Full-HD quality crisp display, 100W of powerful stereo sound, and top-quality authentic arcade controllers!


  • A new machine built by gamers for gamers, a sleek, retro but futuristic look that packs fun into one cabinet:  • Get new games from an ever-growing list of the officially licensed game library! 200+ games targeted at launch.
  • Powerful premium hardware brings immersive arcade experience into your home
  • Convertible as Bartop or Full-Sized arcade machine with an optional stand
  • Small enough for the home, yet big enough for the full arcade experience
  • Never-before-seen experiences that will surprise and delight

Check out iiRcade HERE!

Plus over 200 downloadable games targeted at launch and continuously growing…

Check out iiRcade HERE!

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