Awesome iiRcade arcade cabinet from $349

Awesome iiRcade arcade cabinet from $349

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If you have been considering tilting or purchasing a home bartop or full size arcade machine, you may be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign launch this week for iiRcade. Offering a full size arcade machine from just $399 or bartop version from $299. Worldwide delivery is expected to take place during October 2020.

“What if you could play all the games you love on a device that takes you back in time. A device modernized for the new age gamer, a sleek futuristic look.This is iiRcade – the gaming machine that brings the most intense arcade experiences directly into your home – complete with an ever-expanding library of retro arcade classics and modern blockbusters. Feel like you’re inside the game, with 19” Full-HD quality crisp display, 100W of powerful stereo sound, and top-quality authentic arcade controllers.”

A new machine built by gamers for gamers, a sleek, retro but futuristic look that packs gaming fun into one cabinet:

– Get new games from an ever-growing list of officially licensed game library! Get new games from an ever-growing list of officially licensed game library! Targeting 200+ games licensed by launch
– Powerful premium hardware brings immersive arcade experience into your home
– Convertible as Bartop or Full-Sized arcade machine with an optional stand
– Small enough for the home, yet big enough for the full arcade gaming experience
– Never-before-seen experiences that will surprise and delight

Specifications of the home arcade cabinet include :

– 19-inch 1280×1024 LCD display
– 100W Dual Stereo Speakers
– 1.8GHz Hexa-Core CPU
– 800MHz Max Quad-Core GPU
– 4GB Dual-Channel LPDDR4X
– 64GB of storage
– 2 x 8-way premium Sanwa-style joysticks and buttons.
– 802.11ac WiFi
– 4.2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Support
– HDMI Out
– Premium MDF wood cabinets

Source : Kickstarter

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