GameSpot: All iiRcade Cabinets Get $100 Discount, Free Shipping

by Scott Ledingham on Jul 20, 2021

GameSpot: All iiRcade Cabinets Get $100 Discount, Free Shipping

L-R: Black Edition Dragon's Lair, Classic Bartop, Retromania, Classic with Stand

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The sale runs through Labor Day and applies to both standard and special edition models.

Running through Labor Day, the sale includes all cabinets--which means both the standard blue-and-orange design as well as special editions based on specific games--and the free shipping goes to $100, so if your region would have a higher fee than that, you may still see some charge.

Current iiRcade cabinets that are eligible for the discount (with discounted prices) include:

Unlike competitors such as Arcade1Up (which are seeing increased prices recently on certain systems) the iiRcade uses an online store to supplement its 11 included games. Big-name licensed games on the store include R-Type and its sequel, Shadow Dancer, Space Harrier, Dead Cells, Windjammers, and ToeJam And Earl: Back in the Groove. With the Black Edition, you can also apply a Double Dragon skin or use your own, like I did to turn my cabinet into a Strikers 1945 model. For more on the system, check out our iiRcade review.