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Introducing... iiRcade

Your Ultimate Gateway to Arcade Gaming


What is iiRcade?

iiRcade is an ultimate connected arcade machine for your home. Created by gamers for gamers, iiRcade integrates solutions to the needs that us gamers have been asking for a very long time... Immersive arcade gaming for home, legally licensed games with perfect experiences of the games that we remember, not having to purchase more cabinets every time we want a new arcade game, small sized for homes yet big sized for comfortable game playing, new experiences never-before-seen, affordable arcade gaming... iiRcade solves all these problems and provides the ultimate arcade solution that enables anyone to own the entire arcade at home.


iiRcade was created for YOU.

Remember when we were young?

We used to hold our dads' hands and go to a local arcade, put in a quarter and press start. Arcade was the coolest thing on earth. When I grow up, I am going to have an arcade at my home, I remember promising myself.

Now, I am a parent with beautiful young kids.

I want to make my childhood dream come true.

To re-live with my kids what I had when I was young.




Take your arcade gaming to the next level. With console-quality graphics and display, powerful dual stereo speakers with amazing sound quality, top quality controllers and premium arcade cabinet, iiRcade will create an extremely immersive arcade gaming experiences that you have never experienced before.



iiRcade provides console-equivalent graphics and display, powerful dual stereo speakers that enables amazing sound quality, top quality controllers, top quality premium wood for the cabinet and beautiful luxury design, enabling premium arcade gaming experiences for anyone at affordable prices.

iiRcade Double Dragon 4 NoBG.png


With iiRcade, you no longer have to wait a long time to play a game. Simply, turn on the device, select a game and start playing. Using proprietary algorithms, iiRcade takes care of the rest for you. Easy. Fast. Fun. That's what iiRcade is about.



With iiRcade, you will be able to expand your arcade game library without needing to buy a new cabinet. Simply, purchase a new game with a click of a button on your phone via iiRcade application, and iiRcade will automatically download and install your new game on your iiRcade machine for you. When you get home, your new game will be ready for you to start playing!



Retro games that you remember.

iiRcade plays your favorite arcade games from the good old days, right from one machine.

Futuristic Robot

Modern games that you love.

For the first time ever on an arcade machine, iiRcade enables you to play the modern games that you love in Arcade Style! More info to come soon, stay tuned!

Legal games that we crave.

You deserve so much more than the bootlegged illegal games downloaded from the internet. With iiRcade, you can get the officially licensed, fully legal games that you love at the prices that you can afford. You will get the best experience of your favorite games. And, you will also support the developers that you love, so that they can create more amazing games for you.

No more risks of getting viruses.

No more wasting time downloading.

No more frustrations with incompatible games.

Introducing the best experiences of your favorite games.

Only on iiRcade.


Form Factor. Your Choice.

Full Sized Arcade.

With optional stand, iiRcade turns into a full sized arcade machine.


iiRcade can be taken off the stand to become a standalone bartop machine that can sit on your desk, table or floor.



iiRcade was selected and shown to celebrities at pre-events to Golden Globe, Grammy, Superbowl and Oscars. Did you know that celebrities love gaming? Guess who have PLAYED, LOVED and ENDORSED iiRcade!

Barry Sanders.JPG

"Loving the @iiRcade"

Barry Sanders

NFL Hall of Fame

Running Back

"This is next gen stuff. I need this. Give it to me NOW!"

Anthony Anderson

Actor, Comedian, Writer

"Never seen anything like this. I won't be able to leave home playing this the whole day!"


Grammy Award Winner

Producer and Singer

"This is DOPE!"

Ron Johnson

Boxing Heavyweight World Champion



Many celebrities who loved iiRcade have posted their endorsements for iiRcade in their social media. Below are some examples, showing how they are surprised by the awesomeness of iiRcade and how much they love playing games on iiRcade!


iiRcade is coming soon

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