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Bring the Arcade Home

iiRcade is a premium Home Arcade Console that plays both officially licensed retro arcade games and today's modern games in arcade style. Each iiRcade has the ability to add new titles through the online game store. iiRcade is a next generation arcade gaming console that provides immersive and adrenaline pumping arcade gaming experiences. Equipped with a crisp 19” HD display, 100W of powerful stereo sound, premium arcade controllers and a premium arcade cabinet to match.

“The iiRcade is an ingenious home arcade system that feels future-proofed next to other machines. It’s high build quality elevates it well past the point of novelty and makes it feel like a sturdy investment for hardcore enthusiasts.” - Digital Trends

“No doubt about it – iiRcade is among the best-looking home arcades on the market. A vivid display, ear-shattering sound, and powerful internals make it a product that will serve you well for years to come.” – The Gamer

“The iiRcade is a well-made cabinet with great-feeling joysticks and buttons. The expanding library of games includes some surefire hits as well as plenty of hidden gems. As a centerpiece cabinet capable of housing hundreds of titles, the iiRcade has a ton of potential.” – Gamespot

“I never thought it was possible, but despite the genre, despite the time period, whatever I seem to play on this iiRcade is a fun experience and I look forward to seeing what else will pop up in the shop in the future to add to this cabinet.” - Michael B The Game Genie

"It supports 200+ old and new games, bartop and full-size mode, and more." - Marc Saltzman

“I think it’s amazing, it's probably one of my favorite arcades we’ve looked at just because of how great it feels, how great the screen is and the fact that it is so versatile.” - Complete Geek TV

“If you’re looking to level up your home arcade experience, iiRcade’s growing library of new and retro titles, online functionality and quality construction are as promising as a pocket full of game tokens.” - Electronic Gaming Monthly

"Best Arcade Machine" - IGN 2021

Officially Licensed Games

A world of fun awaits

iiRcade is an all-in-one arcade cabinet designed to play hundreds of retro arcade games and today's modern games made into amazing arcade games. The system includes a super sharp LCD panel, a 100 watt powerful sound system, premium 2-player game controls and a massive library of officially licensed games. The games on the cabinet can be easily added from the iiRcade Store via WiFi. There are a variety of genres to choose from with new games being continuously added to the library of amazing games. Discover a new way to play with iiRcade.

We have the games

Just like you would on a traditional home console, new games can be purchased through iiRcade’s game store. Games such as R-Type, BurgerTime, RetroMania Wrestling, Kung-Fu Master, Alien Storm, Space Invaders, Toejam & Earl : Back in the Groove, Shadow Dancer (Shinobi), Elevator Action, Space Harrier, Rastan and over 250 others with more retro arcade and modern titles being added every week.

Retro Arcade + Modern Titles

iiRcade is the first Arcade Console designed to play both retro arcade games + modern titles with ease.

11 Games Included

Each iiRcade includes 11 games and can play hundreds more. We offer a robust games store with hundreds of modern and retro Arcade titles to choose from.

Classic Arcade Titles:
01. Dragons's Lair 02. Beach Buggy Racing 03. Bombsquad 04. Gunbird
05. Dragon Master 06. Maniax Square 07. Twin Bratz 08. Fancy World 09. Double Dragon 10. Snowboard 11. Diver Boy

Powerful & Immersive Gaming Experience

When you enter the world of iiRcade, your world is different. With 100W of powerful sound, gorgeous 19” HD display and premium arcade controls, you will realize that you are inside another world as a valiant knight and you are the one who is slaying the dragons and saving the princesses. Before you even notice, the time has flown by and it’s already 3am. iiRcade provides such an amazing immersive arcade gaming experience that it feels like you are inside the game. Come in and play. Experience the games the iiRcade way!

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Jukebox Is Here

Yes, it's true. Play and stream all of your favorite music directly from any bluetooth enabled device. With Jukebox mode enabled turn your 100 Watt speaker system into a house party! Simply pair via bluetooth and let the system do the rest. Enjoy beautiful visualizations and custom controls as you rock out to the ages.

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Online Leaderboards

Compete with others from around the continent with Global Leaderboards, no matter whether it's a classic arcade game from back in the day or one of today's modern games turned into an amazing arcade game! There are currently over 50 games equipped with Online Leaderboard functionality and more will be continuously enabled. The competition will be fierce!

Consumer Reviews

With thousands of units in the market we are proud to have world-class customer service and an exceptional product to support.

I am very happy with my purchase. Exceeded my expectations, and offers something no one else has been able to do so far. A Premium 3/4 cabinet with expandable library with a chipset strong enough to handle some modern options as well. I am excited what comes next! Jukebox? Konami? Capcom? Trackball accessory add on?

Sixx R.

"My wife got me an early Father’s Day gift and I am still shocked - what a cool idea! This game system has the feel of the old school video games I grew up playing, but it runs on modern technology."

Bill J.

The iiRcade takes me back to the arcade and now my son can join me.

Very soild build quality with an immersive screen that draws me in and ridiculously loud but good quality speakers with 100 watts of power.


This console is old school top notch with a new school flair, has been an excellent addition to our house. The speaker setup is unique and as an audio enthusiast, the placement of the speakers is spot on. Comfortable with 2 players and the center console is easily user friendly. It's equipped with 11 games and is excellent in adapting with wifi service.

Kevin F.

Wow, brings back memories. iiRCADE did it, the unit is perfect in size and has the feel of really playing a game at your local arcade zone. It’s a family favorite with its preloaded games (11) and growing library of other games.


Excited to have finally pulled the trigger on this amazing arcade cabinet from IiRcade. Of course amongst my very first downloads were the early 90s zombie beat-em up, Night Slashers, and the all-new 1930’s noir-era survival horror game, White Night.

Time Bomb Toys

Bring iiRcade Home

Why Choose iiRcade?

Officially Licensed Games, ability to add more games to your library from hundreds to choose from and continuously growing, classic arcade games that you love, today's awesome modern games transformed into arcade games, opportunity to play amazing games that you may have missed due to your local arcades not having them, games for everyone in your family, beautiful premium arcade machine that fits anywhere in your home, immersive gaming experience with 100W powerful audio, 19" of crisp HD display and premium arcade controls, Online Leaderboards, Jukebox Mode. iiRcade provides premium arcade gaming experience for your home that cannot be had anywhere else, its simply awesome. There is nothing like this anywhere in the world.

Did we mention world class customer service and a passionate fanbase of like minded arcade lovers to compete against.

iiRcade prides itself on bringing the arcade home - but most importantly bringing family together with a new way to discover fun games and redefining family game night. Build your memories with iiRcade.